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Quiz on Control Systems Quiz

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1. What component of a control system produces an output that is the difference between the desired input and the actual input?

2. What type of control system incorporates feedback from the output to influence the input?

3. What type of system is represented by the transfer function $H(s) = s / (s^2 + s + 1)$?

4. Which principle allows us to decompose complex systems into simpler subsystems for analysis?

5. What is the primary function of a PID controller in a control system?

6. What characteristic of a control system is improved by adding a derivative control action?

7. In control theory, what do the roots of the characteristic equation of a system tell you about the system?

8. What is the purpose of a Bode plot in control system engineering?

9. What does the Root Locus method help determine in control systems?

10. Which term in a PID control system is responsible for responding to the present error?