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Quiz on Analog Modulation Techniques Quiz

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1. What is the primary advantage of frequency modulation (FM) over amplitude modulation (AM)?

2. Which type of analog modulation results in a signal with constant amplitude?

3. What is the primary purpose of analog modulation?

4. In amplitude modulation, what parameter of the carrier wave changes to convey information?

5. Which one of these is NOT a type of analog modulation?

6. Which of these modulation techniques demonstrate Constant Envelope?

7. What is the total bandwidth required for an Amplitude Modulation (AM) transmission if the frequency deviation is 5 kHz?

8. For frequency modulation, if the modulating frequency is increased while keeping modulating amplitude constant, what happens to the bandwidth?

9. In Single Side Band (SSB) modulation, one of the side bands and carrier are suppressed, which results in ________.

10. Which analog modulation technique is used in television broadcasting?