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Antennas and Propagation Quiz

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1. What is the main role of an antenna in a communication system?

2. Which parameter of an antenna characterizes its ability to focus energy in a particular direction?

3. What phenomenon causes waves to bend around the edges of an obstacle and spread out into regions of geometrical shadow?

4. In the context of radio wave propagation, the Ionosphere primarily affects which of the following types of waves?

5. Which of the following antennas is most commonly used for UHF (Ultra High Frequency) applications due to its high gain and narrow beamwidth?

6. What principle allows an antenna to receive and transmit signals?

7. In antenna theory, what does the term 'polarization' refer to?

8. What type of antenna is a Horn Antenna?

9. Faraday's Law and Ampere's Law are fundamental to what kind of antenna propagation model?

10. Which antenna parameter indicates the antenna's overall capability to radiate or receive power?