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Conflict Analysis Quiz

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1. What is the fundamental purpose of conflict analysis in sociology?

2. In terms of conflict analysis, what does the term 'stakeholder' refer to?

3. Which among the following is NOT a primary part of a comprehensive conflict analysis?

4. The 'Scope and Causal Analysis' model of conflict analysis primarily emphasizes what aspect?

5. A key part of conflict analysis is 'conflict mapping'. What does this entail?

6. When conducting a conflict analysis, why is it important to examine power dynamics?

7. Which theory in sociology is primarily concerned with the analysis of societal conflicts?

8. Which approach to conflict analysis suggests that conflict is an inevitable part of human interaction and thus can be beneficial, leading to growth and change?

9. In conflict analysis, what does 'issue analysis' involve?

10. What does the 'conflict tree' tool in conflict analysis represent?