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Quiz on Narrative Techniques Quiz

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1. Which narrative technique involves the author stepping aside to speak directly to the reader?

2. What is the narrative technique known as 'Stream of Consciousness'?

3. Which narrative technique gives indirect hints or indications about the future events in the storyline?

4. What narrative technique recounts past events to provide background or context for the current events of a narrative?

5. Which narrative technique is used to present a stark contrast between the reality and expectations?

6. What narrative technique allows the reader to know the thoughts and feelings of multiple characters in the same narrative?

7. Which narrative technique involves the use of specific phrases and descriptions to evoke a specific emotion in the reader?

8. Which narrative technique involves a character speaking their thoughts aloud, irrespective of any listeners?

9. Which narrative technique focuses on describing the internal state of a character, often in great detail?

10. Which narrative technique uses vivid descriptions to paint a mental picture for the reader and engage their senses?