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Understanding the Structure of a Plot Quiz

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1. What is the initial stage of a plot called, where characters, setting, and the basic situation are introduced?

2. In a plot’s structure, what is the high point of interest or suspense?

3. What is the part of plot structure that follows the climax and shows the effects of the crisis?

4. What is the denouement in a plot structure?

5. Which of the following best describes the 'Rising Action' in a plot structure?

6. What narrative element introduces the conflict in a story's plot?

7. How does the resolution differentiate from the falling action in plot structure?

8. Which stage of plot structure often contains the story's turning point or most intense moment?

9. What plot stage introduces the characters, setting, and basic situation?

10. What is the term for when the events in a plot lead up to a dramatic climax?