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Systematic Risk vs. Unsystematic Risk Quiz

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1. What is the key difference between systematic and unsystematic risk?

2. Which type of risk could be reduced by holding a well diversified portfolio?

3. Which type of risk is influenced by factors such as inflation rates, political instability, and changes in interest rates?

4. What is another term for unsystematic risk?

5. Which of these can be a source of unsystematic risk?

6. What is another name for systematic risk?

7. Which of these can be a source of systematic risk?

8. In a recession, the expected return on a portfolio can decrease due to what type of risk?

9. A risk that arises from the possibility that the issuer of a security will default is a type of what risk?

10. Changes in tax laws would affect individual companies in different ways. This is an example of what type of risk?