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Settlement Patterns Quiz

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1. Which settlement pattern is characterized by dwellings that are dispersed throughout an area?

2. Which settlement pattern typically forms along a line, such as a coastline or a river?

3. Which settlement pattern occurs when houses and buildings are located close together, often in the form of a village or town?

4. What opulent settlement pattern typically refers to a chain of metropolitan areas?

5. What typically influences the selection of a site for human settlement?

6. In geographical terms, what does the word 'site' refer to?

7. Which type of settlement pattern can be found in areas with heavy railroads and highways?

8. What is the settlement pattern of a metropolitan area where suburbs are prevalent?

9. Which settlement pattern typically occurs in an area where urban development is absent?

10. Which term refers to the process where the function of a settlement changes over time due to social, economic, and historical factors?