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Political Geography Quiz

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1. Which term refers to a type of political organization that groups together countries with common interests?

2. What is a political boundary that is established by a physical geographic feature called?

3. Which term represents the concept that a state's power is determined by its geographical location?

4. What is the term used to describe a region or geographic area that has significant political, military, or cultural influence over others, regardless of boundary lines?

5. What is a buffer state?

6. What is the political model that explains the location and resources of major industries in the world?

7. The modern concept of the nation-state emerged primarily in which region and timeframe?

8. How are exclave and enclave geographically different?

9. What political concept is represented by the assertion of control over a particular area by a state?

10. What term refers to a type of territorial dispute where sovereignty over a piece of land is claimed by two or more political entities?