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Economic Geography Quiz

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1. What is the main focus of Economic Geography?

2. Which of the following are pillars in the study of Economic Geography?

3. What term is used to describe an area in which resources are extracted?

4. What does the principle of 'Geographical Division of Labor' imply in the context of Economic Geography?

5. Which of the following theories in Economic Geography focuses on spatial patterns and their relation to socioeconomic development?

6. What term refers to a major economic region that has a dominant influence on a country's economy?

7. How is the term 'geographic clustering of economic activities' typically referred to in Economic Geography?

8. What is the term for a measure of the economic distance between two locations?

9. What does the term 'Neo-liberalism' imply in the context of Economic Geography?

10. What is the ‘World Systems Theory’ in Economic Geography primarily concerned with?