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Understanding Geopolitics Quiz

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1. What is Geopolitics?

2. Which geopolitical concept refers to the strategy of controlling areas of the globe that are most densely populated or contested?

3. What is the significance of geopolitical hotspots in the context of international relations?

4. Which theory suggests that the state's geographical location determines its foreign policy?

5. What does the term 'Thalassocracy' refer to in geopolitics?

6. Which geopolitical concept introduced by Nicholas Spykman stresses the importance of coastal and marginal areas?

7. Which of the following tools is commonly used in geopolitics to visually represent data, like population or natural resources?

8. Why is 'Pivot Area' or 'Heartland' considered strategically important in Mackinder's Heartland Theory?

9. Who is traditionally considered the founder of geopolitics as an academic discipline?

10. What term refers to the goal of achieving regional hegemony or dominance in geopolitics?