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Urban Studies Quiz

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1. What theory proposes the idea that cities should be built to encourage social interactions among its residents?

2. Which urban model explores the growth pattern of a city in a series of concentric circles?

3. What is the term used to describe the economic, social, and environmental impact of the increasing urban population?

4. In the study of Urban Economics, what term describes the agglomeration of industries for mutual advantage?

5. Which factor is not considered as one of the driving forces behind urban sprawl?

6. What concept is used in urban studies to describe a city's ability to sustain its growth in the long term?

7. In the context of urban sociology, what does 'Gentrification' refer to?

8. What refers to the unequal distribution of urban resources and services based on racial or ethnic groups?

9. Which urban theory argues that cities are environments of 'organized complexity'?

10. In the context of Urban Studies, what does 'Urban Renewal' refer to?