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Understanding Faults and Faulting Quiz

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1. What is the definition of a fault in geology?

2. What type of fault occurs when the hanging wall block moves up with respect to the footwall block?

3. Which type of fault is characterized by the horizontal movement of blocks due to shear stress?

4. In a normal fault, the block above the fault plane is termed as what?

5. What seismic event is most directly associated with faults?

6. What type of stress results in the formation of reverse faults?

7. Which fault type typically occurs at divergent tectonic plate boundaries?

8. What type of fault has both a vertical and a horizontal component of slip?

9. Faults that cannot be seen on the Earth’s surface because they are covered by sediment or water are referred to as what?

10. Which geologic feature typically forms as a result of the vertical movement along normal faults?