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Volcanic Eruptions Quiz

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1. Which of the following factors determines the explosiveness of a volcanic eruption?

2. What is the name of a large-scale volcanic eruption that affects global climate and atmospheric conditions?

3. What is the term for a naturally occurring, solidified lava?

4. What is the primary factor influencing the type of eruption a volcano will have?

5. What term describes a volcanic eruption characterized by the gentle oozing of lava?

6. What term describes a large, bowl-shaped cavity in the ground that forms following a volcanic eruption?

7. Which of the following volcanic gases contributes most to the 'greenhouse effect'?

8. What term refers to a small, cone-shaped volcano formed by accumulated volcanic ash and cinder that have been expelled from a volcanic vent?

9. What type of volcano is characterized by a broad, flat shape and primarily made up of basaltic lava?

10. Which of the following features distinguishes a composite volcano from other types of volcanoes?