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Stratigraphy 101 Quiz

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1. What is the main principle of stratigraphy known as Steno's Law or the Law of Superposition?

2. What does biostratigraphy, a subfield of stratigraphy, primarily study?

3. In stratigraphy, what is meant by 'unconformity'?

4. What is an Index fossil used for in Stratigraphy?

5. What does Lithostratigraphy, a branch of stratigraphy, focus on?

6. What is the significance of the stratigraphic column?

7. What is chronostratigraphy in terms of stratigraphy?

8. What does the Principle of Faunal Succession refer to in stratigraphy?

9. What is the main goal of correlating rock layers in stratigraphy?

10. What is a 'strata' in the field of Stratigraphy?