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Types of Metamorphism Quiz

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1. Which type of metamorphism is characterized by the transformation of one rock type into another by heat and/or pressure in a localized area associated with igneous intrusions?

2. What type of metamorphism takes place due to high pressure and occurs at convergent plate boundaries, where one tectonic plate is forced under another?

3. Which type of metamorphism is usually a result of tectonic forces and deformation, involving high differential stress, high fluid pressure and high temperature conditions?

4. What kind of metamorphism is caused by the intense temperatures and pressures generated when a meteorite impacts the Earth?

5. What is the main driver of metamorphism in the setting of a mountain range built by continent-continent collision?

6. Which type of metamorphism is characterized mainly by heat, within the vicinity of magmatic intrusions where the temperatures of the rocks have been raised significantly?

7. What type of metamorphism occurs when rocks are changed by the heat from volcanism or an influx of hot, chemical-rich water?

8. What type of metamorphism involves the changes in mineral assemblage and texture that result from the creation of deep-sea trenches and high-pressure, low-temperature metamorphic rocks?

9. Where would you more likely find evidence of shock metamorphism?

10. What type of metamorphism affects rocks over large areas, typically associated with mountain-building processes where rocks are subjected to high differential stress, high temperatures, and directed pressure over a wide area?