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Coastal Erosion and Deposition Quiz

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1. Which factor does not significantly influence coastal erosion?

2. What is the primary agent of sediment transport along the coast?

3. Which geological feature is formed by sediment deposition at the mouth of a river?

4. What process describes the movement of water and sediment down the beach face due to gravity after a wave breaks?

5. Which type of coastal erosion occurs when air is trapped in cracks of a cliff face by incoming waves?

6. Which feature is most likely to form from the deposition of sand and sediment by wind on the lee side of an obstacle?

7. What is a spit in coastal geography?

8. In the context of coastal management, what is 'hard engineering'?

9. What best describes the role of groynes in coastal management?

10. Which coastal feature is formed by the erosive action of waves on a headland, resulting in an arch-like structure?