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Drainage Patterns Quiz

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1. What type of drainage pattern is typically found in regions where the rock strata are of uniform resistance and where there is not much topographic variation?

2. Which drainage pattern is characterized by streams that flow roughly parallel to each other along the valleys and ridges of a folded mountain range?

3. What drainage pattern is commonly associated with volcanic cones or domes, where streams radiate outward from a central high point?

4. In which drainage pattern do streams follow preexisting or newly developed fractures and joints in the landscape, resulting in a network of straight stream segments?

5. Which drainage pattern typically develops in arid or semi-arid regions, where streams are intermittent and converge toward a central lake, basin, or depression?

6. How does the term 'deranged' drainage pattern describe the features of the landscape it is associated with?

7. Which drainage pattern is often found in areas where the ground consists of a mixture of small, isolated high areas and depressions, leading to a pattern where streams disappear into sinkholes or caves?

8. What feature distinguishes an annular drainage pattern from other types?

9. What causes a parallel drainage pattern, where multiple streams flow in the same direction, closely spaced and often of the same length?

10. Which drainage pattern is characterized by a complex network of tributaries that feed into a main river, spreading extensively over the landscape?