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Types of Fossils Quiz

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1. What type of fossil is formed when an organism is fully encased in amber?

2. Which type of fossil is created from the impressions left in sediment that later hardens into rock?

3. A dinosaur footprint preserved in rock is an example of what type of fossil?

4. What term describes a fossil that is a copy of the shapes or forms of animals and plants made in rock?

5. Fossils formed by the replacement of organic material with minerals, capturing fine details of the original organism, are known as:

6. Petrified wood is an example of which type of fossilization?

7. Which fossil type is formed when organisms or their parts leave behind a carbon imprint on rock?

8. What is the term for fossils that record the activities of organisms, such as nests, burrows, and footprints?

9. Microfossils refer to:

10. Which fossil type best preserves the soft parts of organisms?