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Acculturation Quiz

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1. What does the term 'Acculturation' mean in sociology?

2. Which of the following is NOT a potential outcome of acculturation?

3. What is the significant difference between the terms assimilation and acculturation?

4. In the context of acculturation, what does 'cultural resistance' refer to?

5. Which theory/models of acculturation proposes that immigrants will ideally integrate into the society maintaining their own cultural practices while also engaging with other cultures?

6. How can acculturation impact an individual's mental health?

7. Which of the following best describes 'selective acculturation'?

8. Which of the following best describes 'transculturation' in the context of cultural studies?

9. What is 'cultural shock' in the context of acculturation?

10. What does 'cultural assimilation' involve?