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Geologic Cross Sections Quiz

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1. Which feature typically indicates that compression has occurred within a geologic cross section?

2. In the context of geologic cross sections, how is a nonconformity characterized?

3. What does a normal fault represent in geologic cross sections?

4. Identify the type of fold that features the youngest rocks at its core.

5. What geological feature results from the erosion of an anticline?

6. How is a thrust fault different from a normal fault in a geologic cross section?

7. What type of unconformity occurs between parallel layers of sedimentary rocks that indicate a period of erosion or non-deposition?

8. In a geologic cross section, what feature indicates horizontal or nearly horizontal displacement along a fault plane?

9. Which type of fold is characterized by the limbs being inclined in opposite directions, but one limb has slid downwards?

10. What does a horizon of volcanic ash within sedimentary layers suggest about the geological history of the area?