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Fold and Fault Recognition Quiz

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1. What type of fold has limbs that dip away from the hinge line?

2. Which geological fault is characterized by the hanging wall moving downward relative to the footwall?

3. In structural geology, what term is used to describe a fold with horizontal layers that dip in one direction?

4. What distinguishes a reverse fault from a thrust fault?

5. Which type of fold is characterized by the youngest rocks being found at the core of the fold?

6. A strike-slip fault is characterized by what type of movement?

7. What geological feature is formed when the strata on one side of a fault are displaced vertically relative to the other?

8. In the context of folds, what does plunging refer to?

9. Which type of fault is formed as a result of compressional forces?

10. What is a prominent feature of a dome structure in geology?