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Quiz on Sensory Organs Quiz

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1. Which sensory organ is responsible for the sense of smell?

2. Which part of the eye is responsible for controlling the amount of light that reaches the retina?

3. What sensory organ allows us to perceive pressure, temperature, and pain?

4. What type of sensory receptors are used for the sensation of touch?

5. Which part of the ear is responsible for maintaining balance and equilibrium?

6. Which sensory organ contains rods and cones that allow for the perception of light intensity and color?

7. Which sensory organ contains taste buds that allow us to perceive different tastes?

8. What type of sensory receptor responds to changes in temperature?

9. What structure in the tongue allows us to detect sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami tastes?

10. Which structure in the inner ear is responsible for converting vibrations into electrical signals that the brain can interpret as sound?