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Medical Microscopy Mastery Quiz

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1. What is the primary purpose of using a Gram stain in medical microscopy?

2. Which type of microscopy is traditionally used to observe viruses?

3. What is the significance of acid-fast staining in medical microscopy?

4. What advantage does fluorescent microscopy offer over brightfield microscopy in medical diagnostics?

5. In the context of medical microscopy, what does the term 'resolution' refer to?

6. Which type of microorganism is typically observed with the use of oil immersion microscopy?

7. What kind of samples might be used in medical microscopy to diagnose fungal infections?

8. How does phase-contrast microscopy enhance the visibility of living cells?

9. What is the role of a counterstain in staining techniques used in medical microscopy?

10. Why are Giemsa stains commonly used in the identification of parasites?