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Primary Care Knowledge Quiz

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1. What is the most effective strategy for preventing influenza in populations?

2. Which of the following is a key role of a primary care physician?

3. A patient presents with symptoms of hypertension. What is the first-line diagnostic test a primary care physician should order?

4. Which of the following approaches is most effective for managing chronic diseases in primary care?

5. For effective patient counseling on lifestyle modifications, what aspect should a primary care physician primarily focus on?

6. What distinguishes a chronic disease from an acute disease?

7. In primary care, which vaccination is typically recommended for adults to prevent pneumococcal disease?

8. A 40-year-old patient with no prior medical history comes in for a routine check-up. What screening test is recommended by guidelines to detect colorectal cancer?

9. Which of the following is an important aspect of disease prevention in primary care?

10. When providing patient education, what is essential for a primary care physician to include?