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Classical Greece Knowledge Quiz

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1. What was the primary form of government in Athens during Classical Greece?

2. Which battle is considered a critical turning point in the Greco-Persian Wars, where the Athenian navy played a significant role?

3. Who is credited with laying the foundational principles of Western philosophy during Classical Greece?

4. What was the main cause of the Peloponnesian War?

5. Which Classical Greek philosopher is best known for his work in ethics and politics, including the idea of the 'Philosopher King'?

6. What was the primary function of the agora in Classical Greek cities?

7. Which city-state was known for its strict military training and lifestyle during Classical Greece?

8. Who wrote 'The Histories', considered the first major work of history in Western literature?

9. What was the primary purpose of the Olympic Games in Classical Greece?

10. Which landmark is considered a symbol of Classical Athens and its achievements in art and architecture?