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Protestant Reformation Quiz

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1. In which year did Martin Luther famously nail his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church, marking the beginning of the Protestant Reformation?

2. What was the primary reason Martin Luther initiated the Protestant Reformation?

3. Which document laid the foundation for the Protestant Reformation by critiquing the Catholic Church's practices?

4. Who was declared an outlaw by the Edict of Worms following his refusal to recant his writings?

5. Which key figure of the Reformation broke from the Catholic Church to form his own religious movement in Switzerland?

6. The Peace of Augsburg, signed in 1555, allowed for the coexistence of Catholicism and which other denomination within Germany?

7. Which theological concept, emphasizing predestination, is closely associated with John Calvin and Calvinism?

8. What was the primary language of the original 95 Theses written by Martin Luther?

9. Which council was convened by the Catholic Church in response to the Protestant Reformation, aiming to clarify Catholic doctrines and reform church practices?

10. What term is used to describe the belief that salvation comes through faith alone, apart from works?