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Lean Software Development Quiz

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1. What principle of Lean Software Development focuses on delivering projects incrementally to learn from mistakes early and adapt quickly?

2. Which practice in Lean Software Development aims to eliminate activities that do not add value to the end-user?

3. In the context of Lean Software Development, what does 'Value Stream Mapping' typically aim to identify?

4. Lean Software Development encourages decision-making to be deferred until the 'last responsible moment'. What is the primary benefit of this practice?

5. According to Lean principles, what should be the primary focus when creating software?

6. Empowering teams is a key principle in Lean Software Development. What is the typical result of this empowerment?

7. In Lean Software Development, continuous improvement is vital. Which of the following best describes the concept of 'Kaizen'?

8. What does the Lean principle 'Build quality in' suggest about the approach to handling defects in software development?

9. Which key concept of Lean Software Development emphasizes delivering software in small, frequent increments?

10. According to Lean Software Development, what is essential for maintaining a sustainable pace of work?