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Test Your Knowledge: Installation and Configuration Quiz

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1. Which file would you modify to change the default runlevel of a Linux system?

2. In a Windows environment, what is the primary tool used for remote desktop access?

3. Which of the following is NOT a valid IP address?

4. What does DHCP stand for and what is its primary purpose?

5. What utility is used in UNIX/Linux to change file ownership?

6. In setting up a network printer, which protocol is commonly used to allow printing from any computer on the network?

7. Which command is used to view the configuration of network interfaces on a Linux system?

8. In a Microsoft Windows environment, which tool is used for disk partitioning?

9. Which of the following commands in Windows will show the current IP configuration?

10. To install software on a Linux system using the command line, which package manager is used in Debian-based distributions?