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Release Management Essentials Quiz

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1. What is the primary goal of release management in software development?

2. Which principle is most closely associated with Continuous Integration (CI) in release management?

3. What is the significance of 'tags' in version control systems like Git?

4. In the context of release management, what is the primary purpose of a 'Deployment Pipeline'?

5. What technique helps manage feature release to a subset of users, enabling safer testing in production environments?

6. What is 'Canary Release' in the context of software development?

7. In release management, which practice involves regularly merging all developer working copies into a shared mainline?

8. Deploying several smaller releases rather than a single large release is a practice known as:

9. In the context of release management, what does 'rollback' refer to?

10. What tool is primarily used for version control in software development?