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History of Industrial Engineering Quiz

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1. Who is known as the father of scientific management?

2. What major event significantly accelerated the development of industrial engineering?

3. Which innovation is Henry Ford most renowned for in the field of industrial engineering?

4. What is the primary focus of operations research within industrial engineering?

5. Which early 20th-century American engineer and inventor is best known for his work in motion study to improve workplace efficiency?

6. The concept of 'interchangeable parts' played a critical role in the development of industry. Who is credited with inventing this concept?

7. What term describes the methodical study of work methods aimed at increasing efficiency and productivity?

8. In the context of industrial engineering, what was the significant contribution of the Gilbreths?

9. Which engineering discipline emerged due to the complexity and scale of manufacturing and organizational issues faced during World War II?

10. Which principle is NOT associated with lean manufacturing?