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Lean Manufacturing Principles Quiz

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1. What does the 'S' in 5S methodology of Lean Manufacturing stand for?

2. In Lean Manufacturing, what is meant by 'Kaizen'?

3. Which principle of Lean Manufacturing focuses on producing goods only as they are needed, to reduce waste?

4. What is the primary goal of Value Stream Mapping in Lean Manufacturing?

5. Which of the following is NOT a type of waste identified in Lean Manufacturing?

6. How does implementing the 5S methodology impact a manufacturing environment?

7. What role does 'Poka-yoke' play in Lean Manufacturing?

8. Which Lean manufacturing principle emphasizes the importance of teamwork and employee involvement in continuous improvement efforts?

9. Why is 'pull production' preferred over 'push production' in Lean Manufacturing?

10. What is the primary function of Andon in Lean manufacturing?