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Understanding Power and Authority Quiz

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1. How is 'power' typically differentiated from 'authority' in sociological terms?

2. Which sociologist proposed the concept of 'three dimensions of power'?

3. Which type of authority, according to Weber, relies on a belief in the sanctity of traditions?

4. What term refers to a type of leadership where the leader gains authority through personal charm or attraction?

5. In Weber's tripartite classification of authority, which type is grounded in legally enacted rules and regulations?

6. Who proposed the 'Circles of Identification and Disidentification' model of power and authority?

7. What term refers to the concept wherein certain ideas, values, and beliefs within a society become so widely accepted they are seen as 'natural'?

8. What is the term for the systematic use of coercive power by a person or group to maintain control?

9. According to Foucault, what does the term 'bio-power' refer to?

10. What theoretical framework suggests that power is distributed among various interest groups, and no single group dominates all the time?