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Industrial Engineering in Aerospace Quiz

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1. What is a primary objective of industrial engineering in the aerospace industry?

2. In aerospace engineering, what does the term 'Lean Manufacturing' imply?

3. Which process is essential for quality control in aerospace industrial engineering?

4. What is the significance of 'ergonomics' in the aerospace industry from an industrial engineering perspective?

5. How does 'systems engineering' contribute to aerospace projects?

6. What role does 'supply chain management' play in aerospace industrial engineering?

7. What is 'process optimization' in the context of aerospace industrial engineering?

8. Which technology is increasingly being used in the aerospace industry for prototyping and parts manufacturing?

9. What is the importance of 'failure mode and effects analysis' (FMEA) in aerospace engineering?

10. Which principle is fundamental to achieving 'Just-In-Time' (JIT) production in the aerospace industry?