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Maintenance Strategies Quiz

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1. Which maintenance strategy is focused on preventing equipment failure before it actually occurs?

2. Predictive maintenance is primarily based on:

3. The maintenance strategy that seeks to optimize the balance between corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance by focusing on system reliability and safety is:

4. Which maintenance strategy integrates maintenance with production and quality functions to involve every employee in the organization?

5. Condition-based maintenance relies on what to determine when maintenance should be performed?

6. Which of the following best describes corrective maintenance?

7. The strategy that aims at continuously improving all aspects of the maintenance process, involving operators in daily maintenance tasks is:

8. What distinguishes predictive maintenance from preventive maintenance?

9. In reliability-centered maintenance (RCM), the primary focus is on:

10. A comprehensive maintenance strategy that encompasses preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance to achieve zero defects and stoppages is: