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Understanding Neocolonialism Quiz

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1. Which term refers to the use of economic, political, and cultural pressures to control or influence other countries, particularly former dependencies?

2. What practice describes the domination of a weaker country by a more powerful one, where the former becomes a source of raw materials for the latter?

3. Which African leader coined the term 'neocolonialism' during the post-independence period?

4. What is the impact of neocolonialism on the economy of a subject country?

5. Neocolonialism typically leads to a country's economy being structured to primarily benefit __________.

6. What is the role of multinational corporations in neocolonialism?

7. What is the primary difference between colonialism and neocolonialism?

8. What is one way a country might exert neocolonial control over another country?

9. Which of the following theories posits that the global economic system perpetuates economic disparities between developed and developing countries, akin to neocolonial relationships?

10. Which term specifically refers to the cultural domination of a smaller or weaker nation by a larger or stronger one, which can be a component of neocolonialism?