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Six Sigma Tools Quiz

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1. Which of the following is a graphical tool used in the Measure phase of DMAIC to help identify the distribution of data over a specified time period?

2. What is the main purpose of utilizing a SIPOC diagram in Six Sigma projects?

3. Which Six Sigma tool is best suited for prioritizing problems or issues to focus on solving first?

4. In the context of Six Sigma, what is the primary use of a Fishbone Diagram?

5. Which tool is used in Six Sigma for visualizing the steps of a process and identifying potential points of failure?

6. What is the purpose of a Check Sheet in Six Sigma?

7. Which Six Sigma tool is primarily used for examining relationships between two variables?

8. The 5 Whys technique is used in Six Sigma for what primary purpose?

9. What is the primary function of Benchmarking in Six Sigma?

10. In Six Sigma, the Process Decision Program Chart (PDPC) is used to: