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Facility Design Mastery Quiz

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1. What principle of facility design emphasizes minimizing movement of materials, tools, and manpower within a plant?

2. In facility layout planning, which layout is best suited for the production of large volumes of standardized products?

3. Which of the following is NOT a goal of facility design?

4. What is ergonomics and why is it important in facility design?

5. Which term refers to the systematic evaluation of the interrelationships among the various components of a facility, including its equipment, personnel, and processes?

6. In terms of material handling, which principle suggests that material movement should be minimized as much as possible?

7. What is the primary purpose of implementing a flexible facility layout?

8. Which facility design concept focuses on reducing waste and improving efficiency by considering both the physical layout of the facility and the flow of information?

9. What element of facility design involves arranging equipment and workstations to maximize space efficiency and facilitate a smooth workflow?

10. How does incorporating safety standards into facility design benefit an organization?