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Understanding Negligence: A Legal Quiz

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1. What is the first element that must be proven in a negligence case?

2. Which of the following scenarios best illustrates a breach of duty in a negligence case?

3. Which is NOT a required element to establish negligence?

4. ‘But for’ test is primarily used to establish which element of negligence?

5. In the context of negligence law, what does ‘res ipsa loquitur’ mean?

6. What type of damages compensates a plaintiff for actual losses suffered as a result of a defendant's negligence?

7. What factor does NOT influence the determination of a duty of care in negligence cases?

8. In a negligence action, which defense argues that the plaintiff assumed the risk of harm?

9. What does the legal principle of ‘comparative negligence’ entail?

10. Which statement is true regarding ‘proximate cause’ in negligence law?