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Maritime Salvage and Towage Quiz

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1. What is the primary purpose of a salvage operation in maritime law?

2. Under which circumstance can a salvage reward be claimed?

3. What differentiates towage from salvage operations?

4. Which legal principle is most essentially associated with the right to claim a salvage award?

5. What role does the concept of 'peril' play in determining a salvage operation?

6. In the context of salvage law, what is the significance of a 'salvage contract'?

7. What distinguishes 'high-order' salvage from 'low-order' salvage?

8. How does maritime law typically determine the salvage reward?

9. Which statement best describes the legal status of found sunken ships and their cargo in terms of salvage rights?

10. What is the legal implication of a 'Lloyd's Open Form' (LOF) in salvage operations?