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Space Exploration Regulations Quiz

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1. Which treaty forms the basis of international space law?

2. What does the Outer Space Treaty prohibit?

3. Who is responsible for registering objects launched into outer space according to the Registration Convention?

4. Under the Liability Convention, which principle governs damage caused by space objects?

5. According to the Outer Space Treaty, celestial bodies should be used...

6. What treaty specifically addresses the issue of space debris?

7. Which body is primarily responsible for coordinating global use of the radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits to prevent interference between space-based communication systems?

8. Which principle does the Outer Space Treaty emphasize regarding the exploration and use of outer space?

9. Under which conditions can a State be held liable for damage caused by its space object under the Space Liability Convention?

10. Which organization oversees the long-term sustainability of outer space activities and the mitigation of space debris?