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Lexicology Knowledge Test Quiz

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1. What is the study of the history and origin of words known as?

2. Which term describes the smallest unit of meaning in a language?

3. The study of the meaning of words and language is known as:

4. What is a lexicon?

5. Which of the following is a process of word formation involving the combination of morphemes without altering them?

6. A word that is derived from another word by morphological means, such as by adding a prefix or suffix, is known as:

7. Which linguistic discipline focuses on the structure of words and the rules for word formation?

8. In lexicology, what term refers to the study of the relationship between the form and sound of words?

9. Which term refers to a word that has the same spelling but different meanings and origins?

10. What does the term 'polysemy' refer to in lexicology?