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Phonological Processes Quiz

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1. What is the term for when a child replaces sounds that are difficult to articulate with simpler sounds?

2. Which phonological process involves the addition of a vowel sound between two consonants to make word pronunciation easier?

3. During which process does a child pronounce 'dog' as 'dod' or 'cat' as 'tat'?

4. Which phonological process is illustrated by a child omitting the final consonant in words, saying 'ca' instead of 'cat'?

5. What is 'cluster reduction'?

6. In which phonological process does a child change one sound in a word so that it becomes more like another sound in the same word, such as saying 'gog' for 'dog'?

7. What does 'voiceless stop replacement' refer to in the context of phonological processes?

8. When a child says 'fum' instead of 'thumb', which phonological process are they demonstrating?

9. What phonological process is evident when a young child frequently omits the unstressed syllable in a multisyllabic word, saying 'nana' instead of 'banana'?

10. Which phonological process is identified by a child using a sound at the beginning of a word for other sounds within the same word, such as 'gag' for 'dog'?