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Semantic Roles Quiz

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1. What is the semantic role of the participant initiating the action in a sentence?

2. Which semantic role describes an entity that is used to perform an action?

3. What semantic role is assigned to the entity that experiences the effect of an action?

4. Which semantic role is attributed to the location where the action of the sentence takes place?

5. What term describes the semantic role of the entity that the action aims to benefit?

6. In linguistics, what semantic role represents the starting point of an action?

7. Which semantic role is given to the entity that describes the endpoint of an action?

8. What is the semantic role of the entity that is being talked about in the sentence, regardless of its involvement in the action?

9. Which semantic role refers to the path taken or moved along by the subject in an action?

10. What is the role of the entity that provides the reason or cause for an action?