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Multilingualism Mastery Quiz

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1. What is the phenomenon where a speaker switches between two or more languages within a single conversation or sentence?

2. Which term refers to the complete loss of a person's native language as they become fully immersed in a second language?

3. What is the primary goal of bilingual education programs?

4. Which concept describes a multilingual speaker's temporary inability to recall words or phrases in one language, but can recall them in another language?

5. In sociolinguistics, what term is used to describe a language situation in which two languages are used under different conditions within a community, often by the same speakers?

6. Which of the following best describes the cognitive advantage often associated with being bilingual or multilingual?

7. What term is used to describe the development of a hybrid language that combines elements of two or more languages?

8. Which phenomenon occurs when a speaker applies rules from their first language to a second language, sometimes leading to errors in the second language?

9. What is the primary difference between a pidgin and a creole language?

10. Which factor is NOT a common influence on multilingualism within a society?