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Code-Switching Mastery Quiz

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1. What is code-switching?

2. Which theory explains code-switching as a means to fulfill specific communicative needs within a conversation?

3. What is the primary reason for code-switching according to the Situational Model?

4. Which linguistic phenomenon occurs when speakers mix elements from two languages within a single utterance or sentence?

5. In sociolinguistics, what term is used to describe the competence to use language in a socially appropriate manner?

6. Which of the following is NOT a common motive behind code-switching?

7. What is a common outcome of code-switching in terms of language learning and bilingualism?

8. How does code-switching challenge traditional notions of linguistic purity?

9. According to sociolinguistic research, how does code-switching relate to identity?

10. Which factor is least likely to influence the occurrence of code-switching?