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Language and Gender Quiz

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1. Which term refers to the study of differences in language use among genders?

2. Which theory suggests that men and women use language differently because they essentially grow up in different cultural worlds?

3. In terms of language and gender, what does the term 'genderlect' refer to?

4. Which scholar is known for promoting the idea that men and women communicate in essentially different ways, leading to misunderstanding?

5. What linguistic feature is often associated with women's speech, according to Robin Lakoff's Language and Woman's Place?

6. Which approach suggests that differences in male and female speech behaviors may largely be a result of power dynamics rather than inherent gender differences?

7. According to studies, who are more likely to interrupt conversations, males or females?

8. In the context of language and gender, what does 'tag question' refer to?

9. Which concept asserts that language shapes our understanding of gender, rather than merely reflecting societal gender norms?

10. What term is used to describe the phenomenon where women are more likely to adopt prestige forms of speech than men?