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Language and Media Quiz

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1. Which theory suggests that the language used in media content can shape and constrain how audiences perceive the world?

2. In the context of digital media, what term describes the phenomenon where online content is tailored to the preferences of an individual user, often creating a 'bubble' that reinforces existing beliefs?

3. What is the primary function of media according to the Uses and Gratifications Theory?

4. Which concept refers to the process by which the mass media coverage influences the importance placed on topics by the public and policymakers?

5. Which term describes a digital communication tool that allows users to quickly send messages, images, or videos to a broad audience?

6. Which theory explains how repeated exposure to media messages can lead individuals to perceive reality in ways that align with the portrayals in media?

7. What term is used to describe the role of media in providing a platform where societal issues can be discussed and debated?

8. Which term best describes a condition where people are overwhelmed by information to the point of being unable to effectively process or use it?

9. How does 'Framing Theory' suggest media influences public perception and discussion?

10. What is the primary goal of 'Community Media'?