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Language Variation in Online Communication Quiz

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1. What term is used to describe the unique linguistic features that emerge in digital communication platforms?

2. In online communication, which of the following is an example of a sociolinguistic phenomenon that may influence language variation?

3. Which concept explains the adaptation of language in online communication to accommodate for the lack of visual and auditory cues?

4. How does anonymity in online communication platforms affect language variation?

5. Which factor contributes to the emergent dialects and linguistic features unique to online communication?

6. What is a common linguistic feature in online communication used to indicate irony or sarcasm?

7. In the context of online communication, what does the term 'flaming' refer to?

8. Which linguistic phenomenon is characterized by the blending of languages or dialects in online communications?

9. What is the impact of digital platforms on the rate of linguistic change?

10. Which linguistic feature is commonly used in online communication to build community and signal in-group membership?