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Language Attitudes and Prestige Quiz

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1. What term is used in sociolinguistics to describe a variety of a language that is associated with high social status?

2. Which of the following theories suggests that people adjust their language towards that of their interlocutor to reduce social distance?

3. In sociolinguistics, what is often the main determinant of language prestige?

4. Which concept explains the phenomenon where speakers believe certain dialects or accents are inherently better or more correct than others?

5. What is a common outcome of language attitudes toward non-standard dialects?

6. Which phenomenon occurs when speakers switch between languages or dialects in a single conversation?

7. Which factor is NOT typically associated with the prestige of a language dialect?

8. What does the term 'diglossia' refer to in sociolinguistics?

9. Which of the following is a likely characteristic of a prestige dialect?

10. What is the primary focus of sociolinguistic study regarding language attitudes?